Ash Oil Burner - 3 FREE Wax Melts

Ash Oil Burner - 3 FREE Wax Melts

AU$50.00 Regular Price
AU$45.00Sale Price

The Savvilicious oil burner is the perfect addition to complement your home or workplace. It’s refined lines, simple yet trendy design and easy functionality all make it one of the best oil burners on the market. The best advantage of the Savvilicious oil burner over other products on the market, is that it does not use any open flames, so you don’t need to worry about setting objects nearby alight. The Savvilicious oil burners heat the melts using a lamp, powered by an electrical sup-ply source, and the wax is slowly melted to provide a long lasting fragrance.

Wax melts come in a clam shell pack of 6 cubes with a total melt time of 15 hours, and are available in all the Savvilicious fragrances.

Savvilicious oil burners come in either ash or satin cream.

Price of the oil burner - $40 and includes THREE FREE wax melts of your chosen scent.


- 50 Shades

- Black Raspberry

- Chanel No.5

- Coconut Lime

- Gardenia

- Passion

- Sweet Pea & Vanilla

- Mademoiselle